Services and warranties


  1. High speed polishing (Mirror)
  2. Repair / Recovery
  3. Refurbishing alloy wheels

Terms of the warranty on alloy wheels:

  1. We guarantee the straightness and alignment of the alloy wheels
  2. One year from billing date if normal use on the wheels
  3. The warranty is null if one of those cases applies:
    • Weights fixed on the front side of the wheel
    • Abusive usage
    • Scratch on the front side of the wheel

Terms of the warranty on Millenium painted wheels

  1. No warranty if products based on acid are use to wash the wheels

Terms of the warranty on mirror polish wheels

  1. No warranty on exterior finition

Pick-ups / Shipping

Since its foundation, the company has developed a loyal clientele with insurance companies, automobile dealers, tire centres and body repair businesses. Our network is not only in Quebec but in all Canada.

We have a fleet of trucks enabling us to guarantee prompt and reliable service. For outside region shipping we use renowned carriers for their efficiency.

Daily pick-ups and deliveries for merchants of the Montreal region and those of Hull / Ottawa region.


To help us answer rapidly to our customer’s demands, we keep an inventory of 14,500 alloy wheels, 30,000 steel wheels and about 10,000 wheel covers of all brands that have been rejuvenated

An exchange system offers you an even faster service helping you save time for your customers regarding alloy wheels.

Our online catalogue can help you:

  1. Identify a wheel to replace.
  2. Order and let us know if your wheel can be repaired.
  3. Receive your wheels in a shorter time.
  4. Pay only the repairs since we will take your damaged wheels.